Laindon High Road School Reunion 1958/68

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 Laindon High Road School reunion for pupils who attended any time between 1958 and 1968 Thanks for passing by to look at the reunion page, but unfortunately you are a little too late as the date has been and gone. The night was a great success, and was attended by over 140 ex-pupils. We extend our thanks to everyone who came and made it a success. Please take a look at our Facebook page as there are some photos from the night on there, and a few ex-pupils can be found and contacted from there (if they have liked the page you will find them). When you are logged in please go the very top of your page and simply type in the search bar "Laindon High Road School Reunion" and it should come up. For those amongst you who are not on Facebook, we have added the photos to our photo page on this website. We hope that those who came had a good time and the feedback we have had indicates a wish to do it all again. Those who registered and left contact details will be contacted if and when another is arranged. Meantime, if anyone else wishes to register their details then feel free to contact us by emailiing us:
With Thanks to the Laindon & District Community Archive for Photos and History details On the night Laindon History will have an exhibition of photos of Laindon and the school on show for everyone to see